Homemade Specialty Breads

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Longmont,  Colorado

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Fresh Breads

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Home Baked Specialty Breads
Spiced Pumpkin & Liqueured Cherries, toasted Pecans optional

S p e c i a l t y

Micro Batches

​​​....There is no match for the alluring aromas of baking bread, wafting throughout your home on a cold, blustery day. I am not even mentioning (okay, I am mentioning), those flavor popping breads with fresh, salty butter melting over the top of a slice that is HOT out of the oven.

Thoughts of Thanksgiving may come to mind. What if you could experience that satisfying feeling all year long?

Our mission is to create and bake extraordinary, flavorful, and gratifying breads.

We strive to find and use the best available natural and organic ingredients.

Our goals are to make you happy and to share in your events through our breads.

Taste your comfort food anyday of the year.                                     Mary Beth