Spiced Pumpkin & Liqueured Cherries, toasted Pecans optional
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Longmont,  Colorado

A Sweetheart Deal

When I was a preteen, my mom ordered the Hershey's 1934 Cookbook from the address on the cocoa label. Ooo, I can recall never having enough chocolate available in the house to make my recipes at will. But, once I made my very first marble cake at the young age of 10 - I was hooked on baking scrumptious desserts whenever the clouds darkened the skies, and we were forced indoors.

My recipes are sometimes custom tailored using new and different ingredient. I have a tendency to modify traditional recipes with modern baking methods and trends. There is a lot of science that goes into baking at high altitude especially with fat cherries rehydrated in liqueur.  When it comes to science in the kitchen, Alton Brown is my hero!

I remember the Thanksgiving celebrations when I was growing up in southern California. Those rides we took through the freeway systems, over the river and through the woods - or in my recollection, south east from the Conejo Valley to the San Gabriel Valley - to Aunt Marge's house we went. Once we walked in the door, the wafting aromas of a stuffed turkey in the oven, mashed potatoes on the stove, cooling pumpkin and mincemeat pies hit your senses and you were back in your happy place.

You can feel like you are in that place again.                                             Mary Beth